June 19, 2024
Electric & Hybrid Cars

The Best States for Plug-In Vehicle Registrations

The adoption of electric vehicles is experiencing steady growth, with plug-in hybrids also gaining popularity across different states. California leads the way with over 4% of vehicle registrations being plug-ins, followed by the District of Columbia and other states with significant numbers of EV/PHEV registrations.

The top five states with the highest percentage of EV/PHEV registrations as of December 2023 are:

  1. California: 4.3%
  2. District of Columbia: 3.52%
  3. Hawaii: 2.8%
  4. Washington: 2.64%
  5. Oregon: 2.27%

Nine states have recorded plug-in vehicle registrations of 2% or more, showing a positive trend in EV adoption. The Argonne National Laboratory reported a significant increase in plug-in vehicle sales between 2022 and 2023, with EVs accounting for 80% of these sales.

Conversely, some states have low EV registration rates, such as Mississippi and North Dakota. Challenges such as political perspectives on electrification and inadequate charging infrastructure contribute to slower EV adoption in these regions.


Q: Which states have the highest percentage of EV registrations?

A: California, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Washington, and Oregon have the highest EV registration rates.

Q: What factors contribute to low EV adoption in certain states?

A: Political views on electrification, limited charging infrastructure, and rural landscapes can hinder EV adoption in some states.


While EV adoption may vary across states, the overall trend shows a growing interest in electric vehicles. With advancements in technology and infrastructure, EVs are becoming a more viable transportation option for many Americans.

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