June 25, 2024

Testing the Toyota GR GT3 at Spa-Francorchamps is serious V8 business.

I have expressed my admiration for electric vehicles in the past, and I will reiterate my enthusiasm for them once more. It’s not just the high-end models that catch my attention; I recently had the opportunity to rent a Chevrolet Bolt in Washington D.C., and it proved to be the perfect compact car for navigating the DMV area — a nickname that locals use for the D.C., Maryland, Virginia region. However, my passion for cars truly lies in the visceral experience of a high-performance vehicle, such as the Toyota GR GT3 World Endurance Championship racer showcased in a thrilling video of its lap around Belgium’s Spa-Francorchamps circuit. The roar of the engine and the sight of this machine in action epitomize the essence of automotive enthusiasm.

While the GR GT3 seems ready to hit the track this year, reports indicate that Toyota is preparing it for competition in 2026. According to Gazoo Racing WEC team director Rob Leupen in a February 2023 interview with Motorsport, the launch date aligns with Toyota’s commitment to creating a road car inspired by its motorsport endeavors. Speculations suggest that this road-going version may succeed the iconic Lexus LFA. If the pricing mirrors the LFA’s $375,000 MSRP, it would be a missed opportunity in our opinion. We believe a more accessible offering akin to Chevrolet, Ford, and Porsche would cater better to enthusiasts than the exclusivity of models from Aston Martin, Ferrari, and McLaren.

During this year’s Rolex 24 at Daytona, Toyota Racing Development President David Wilson shared with Sportscar 365 a projected timeline of “mid-2026-ish” for the release of the Lexus GT3-derived road car. Wilson emphasized the intricate homologation process and the necessity for careful planning to ensure a successful launch. The aim is for the car to debut alongside the 2026 Rolex event and compete globally in racing series such as the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, the WEC, and Japan’s SUPER GT.

While specific details about the powertrain remain undisclosed, industry expectations point towards a twin-turbo V8 engine. There is a collective hope that the captivating sound of the car will persist till 2026; however, FIA regulations for 2025 enforce a maximum sound level of 100 dbA during on-track sessions, monitored from approximately 50 feet away at the track’s edge. It is advised to savor the auditory experience while it lasts by watching the video.


Q: When is the expected release date for the Toyota GR GT3 for competition?

A: Toyota is aiming for a 2026 debut for the GR GT3 in racing competitions.

Q: What type of engine is anticipated in the Lexus GT3-derived road car?

A: Industry speculations suggest that the car might be equipped with a twin-turbo V8 engine.


The anticipation surrounding the release of the Toyota GR GT3 and the Lexus GT3-derived road car is palpable among automotive enthusiasts. With a focus on performance, innovation, and the thrill of racing, these vehicles are poised to make a significant impact in the world of motorsport. As we look forward to their future debuts, let us cherish the sights and sounds of these high-performance machines that embody the true essence of automotive passion.

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