June 25, 2024
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Testing the Chevrolet Suburban’s Luggage Capacity behind the Third Row

Since the start of conducting these luggage tests, I had no plans to test the Chevy Suburban or any extended-length full-size SUVs. It was clear to me that my six suitcases would easily fit behind the third row with plenty of space to spare, similar to mid- and full-size two-row SUVs.

Surprisingly, the vehicle I have received the most requests for cargo-related information about over the years is the Chevrolet Suburban. When a Suburban became available in the press fleet, I decided to fulfill these requests.

According to Chevrolet, the cargo space behind the THIRD row of a Suburban is 41.5 cubic feet.

For comparison, the Honda Odyssey, with 32.8 cubic feet of space, was the most I’ve packed into a three-row vehicle. However, there were no further requests for minivans.

Upon further inspection, there is underfloor space in the Suburban. Despite the potential for extra storage, the floor’s hinges restrict its utilization.

Proceeding to the luggage test, I included two midsize roller suitcases, two black roll-aboard suitcases, one smaller green roll-aboard, and my wife’s overnight bag.

All the luggage fit with plenty of room to spare.

Next, let’s explore additional (and hypothetical) items!

Adding a 38-quart Coleman cooler and potentially a duffle bag to the luggage would be comparable to what smaller “compact” SUVs can accommodate. The Suburban surpasses expectations and can hold even more items.

Furthermore, there is still available space.

Using Photoshop, I replicated the roll-aboard suitcases to demonstrate that a second set could easily fit inside the Suburban. With efficient packing, the Suburban can accommodate an impressive amount of luggage.

In summary, the Suburban can hold two midsize roller suitcases, four black roll-aboard suitcases, two smaller green roll-aboards, my wife’s fancy overnight bag, and a 38-quart Coleman cooler.

This ample storage capacity can comfortably cater to seven passengers along with their luggage, making the Suburban a practical choice for travel.

For those considering the Chevy Tahoe as an alternative, it offers slightly less cargo space behind the third row compared to the Suburban. However, it can still accommodate a substantial amount of luggage.

Ultimately, the choice between the Tahoe and Suburban may come down to personal preference and space requirements.

That wraps up our exploration of the Suburban’s cargo capacity. If you have any more questions, please refer to the FAQ section below.

Thank you for reading about the Chevrolet Suburban’s cargo capacity. Safe travels!

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