June 25, 2024

Switch introduced as the new rental brand by Scot Group

Scot Group, the parent company that operates the Thrifty Car & Van Rental franchise in the UK, has launched a new vehicle rental business called Switch. The brand will operate alongside Thrifty, which Scot Group runs across the UK.

Switch aims to enhance Scot Group’s responsiveness to customer needs in the corporate sector and the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market. This increased agility is intended to meet the evolving demands of the rental market, particularly in the post-COVID environment where businesses are adapting to new employee mobility requirements, including hybrid working patterns.

Switch will offer various rental options including short-term, long-term, and flexible plans.

“We are very excited to launch this new vehicle rental brand,” said Martin Wilson, Managing Director of Scot Group. “Switch will allow us to be more agile in how we support our customers. Our goal is to continue driving excellence in the rental industry and provide top-notch service. Ultimately, we aim to make mobility flexible and simple, and Switch will help us achieve that.”

The new brand, launching in June, will operate from existing Scot Group premises and be available at 90 locations nationwide. These premises will be dual-branded as Switch and Thrifty, with vehicles featuring the new Switch logo starting this month.

Roger Hancock, Chairman of Scot Group, stated, “Switch signifies more than just a new name for us. It represents our commitment to autonomy and adaptability in the continuously changing market we serve. Switch not only provides us with absolute independence and flexibility, but this new brand will also empower us to navigate future opportunities with agility and confidence.”

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