June 22, 2024

Skyla Federal Credit Union considers implementing AI-driven automated decision making

Skyla Federal Credit Union aims to automate decision-making and funding within the next year as competition intensifies for auto loans. The Charlotte, N.C.-based credit union will be rolling out a new account-opening process by the third quarter to streamline onboarding. Additionally, they will be introducing a new lending operating system to expedite loan decisions. Paige Wingler, vice president […]


1. What is Skyla Federal Credit Union planning to automate in the next year?

Skyla Federal Credit Union is planning to automate decisioning and funding processes for auto loans.

2. When will the new account-opening process be implemented?

The new account-opening process is set to be implemented by the third quarter.


Skyla Federal Credit Union’s decision to automate decisioning and funding processes for auto loans shows their commitment to staying competitive in the market. By streamlining onboarding and speeding up loan decisions, they are positioning themselves for success in the future.

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