June 22, 2024

Retractable On-Street EV Chargers Should Be Available Everywhere

Electric vehicles are still gaining traction in the U.S. market, expected to reach ten percent of new car sales by 2024. However, there is some reluctance from many Americans regarding charging infrastructure. To address this, we require more on-street level two overnight chargers, such as this convenient retractable unit mounted on a power pole. Presently, owning an EV is only practical if you have access to reliable daily charging, which excludes many renters. Implementing chargers like this could solve this issue.

Retractable power pole EV chargers are not common in my area. I was unaware of their existence until Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads showed me a post from user @mkarolian. Further investigation revealed that these retractable chargers have been available for a few years. So why aren’t they more widespread? The retractable design solves various issues including sidewalk space, cords on the ground, and vandalism. Additionally, the long cords allow for convenient charging from either side of the vehicle. They are truly innovative!

Utility Pole Level 2 EV Charging: Winter Update + Expansion Plans

Most of the parking in my neighborhood is street parking. Consequently, there are residents who cannot opt for an EV because they lack overnight charging options. It would be convenient if I could park my electric motorcycle on the street and charge it. This would likely increase my usage of it.

In my opinion, chargers like these are more crucial than DC Fast chargers on major highways. The majority of driving occurs within 30 miles of one’s home, so the focus should be on installing chargers in residential areas.


Are retractable EV chargers safe to use?

Yes, retractable EV chargers are designed with safety features to prevent any hazards during charging.

Can retractable chargers be installed in any location?

Retractable chargers can be installed in various locations, providing a convenient and efficient charging solution for EV owners.


Implementing retractable power pole EV chargers can address the current challenges of EV charging infrastructure, especially in residential areas. These innovative chargers offer a practical and space-saving solution for convenient electric vehicle charging, making EV ownership more accessible and feasible for a wider range of users.

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