June 16, 2024

Research Findings: Over 75% of accidents occur in favorable weather conditions

Those who blame poor weather conditions for their bad driving habits may need to rethink their excuses. A recent study has shown that three-quarters (76%) of vehicle incidents occur when the weather is clear.

ALD Automotive | LeasePlan UK‘s research indicates that accidents are more likely to happen under clear skies rather than during rainy conditions or on icy roads. Analysis of over 72,000 insurance incidents reveals that only 6% of accidents were caused by rainy weather. This number decreases even further when considering fog, ice, and snow.

Despite the data, more than 9 out of 10 individuals (95%) do not admit fault at the time of the accident, even though 75% are responsible. It is common for law firms to advise against admitting fault to protect the individual’s right to compensation.

Why do more accidents occur in clear weather conditions, and are UK drivers to blame?

It’s no surprise that UK drivers cover almost 20% more miles in the summer than at any other time of year. With numerous bank holidays, staycations, and festivals, the UK road network can become highly congested, potentially leading to increased incidents during the summer months.

Perception of risk seems to be influenced by weather conditions

Chris Black, Commercial Director at ALD Automotive | LeasePlan UK, notes, “In poor weather conditions, drivers tend to be more cautious and adjust their driving accordingly. However, when the weather is clear, drivers may underestimate risks and become complacent.”

“It’s essential for drivers to maintain safe driving practices at all times, including maintaining appropriate speeds, avoiding distractions, and regularly checking their vehicle’s condition,” added Black.

Many modern vehicles come equipped with advanced safety features like lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking, which can enhance driver safety.

“Drivers can utilize these features but should also anticipate potential dangers and know how to react in various traffic scenarios,” Black explained. This includes maintaining a safe following distance, being aware of other drivers’ actions, and avoiding aggressive driving behaviors.


1. Are accidents more likely to happen in clear weather?

Yes, studies show that three-quarters of vehicle incidents occur in clear weather conditions.

2. Why do drivers tend to be more cautious in poor weather?

Drivers are more mindful of potential hazards in poor weather conditions and adjust their driving accordingly.


While it may be tempting to blame weather conditions for accidents, the data suggests that clear weather can also pose risks to drivers. It is essential for drivers to maintain safe driving practices, regardless of the weather, to prevent accidents and ensure road safety.

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