June 19, 2024

Origination levels across the industry decrease by 1% due to affordability obstacles

Challenges related to affordability and inflation persisted in the first quarter of 2024, following a decline in origination volumes towards the end of 2023. The auto industry and consumers are facing obstacles as they grapple with these economic headwinds. The industry is currently dealing with various conflicting factors that have led to a decrease in origination volume in the previous quarter, and are expected to continue impacting volumes and credit performance in the future.


Q: How are auto players and consumers being affected by affordability and inflation headwinds?

A: Affordability and inflation challenges have led to a decrease in origination volumes and are impacting credit performance in the auto industry.


The auto industry is currently facing challenges due to affordability and inflation headwinds, which have led to a decline in origination volumes. Navigating these economic factors will be crucial for auto players and consumers in the coming months.

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