June 19, 2024

NFDA publishes manifesto in anticipation of upcoming General Election

The National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA), representing automotive retailers across the UK, has revealed its manifesto ahead of the upcoming General Election on 4 July. The manifesto outlines proposals for government support to enhance the automotive retail industry.

Sue Robinson, Chief Executive of the NFDA, emphasized the sector’s importance, stating: “The automotive sector is a cornerstone of the UK economy, with franchised vehicle retailers playing a significant role. Automotive retailers employ 78% of the 758,000 individuals working in the sector, which generates a turnover of approximately £100 billion.”

With the General Election approaching, Robinson reaffirmed the NFDA’s dedication to advocating for the industry’s future, stating: “Our manifesto recognizes the significant changes happening within our sector as the UK moves towards electrifying its vehicle parc and addresses key challenges like the ongoing skills shortage. The next few years will be critical for our industry, and it is imperative that the next government collaborates with the sector and provides robust support on these vital issues.”

The NFDA manifesto outlines seven essential requests for the incoming government:

  1. Boosting the private electric vehicle market
  2. Revising the flawed apprenticeship levy
  3. Establishing annual public chargepoint objectives
  4. Developing a clear roadmap for future road pricing
  5. Addressing unfair regulations for heavier electric vans
  6. Enhancing HGV MOT capacity through delegated testing
  7. Cutting down on business rates


What is the NFDA manifesto?

The NFDA manifesto is a set of proposals put forth by the National Franchised Dealers Association to seek government support for enhancing the automotive retail industry.

Why is the automotive sector important?

The automotive sector is crucial to the UK economy, with franchised vehicle retailers playing a significant role by employing a large portion of the workforce and contributing to a substantial turnover.


In conclusion, the NFDA’s manifesto outlines key requests for the government to support and enhance the automotive retail industry. With the General Election approaching, it is essential for the sector and the government to collaborate on addressing critical issues and driving forward positive changes for the industry’s future.

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