June 16, 2024
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Newgarden shifts focus to defending Indy 500 title, puts Penske controversy behind him

Josef Newgarden is fully focused on defending his Indianapolis 500 victory. Despite the recent Team Penske cheating scandal tarnishing his reputation, the two-time IndyCar champion remains unperturbed.

During Tuesday’s opening day at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Newgarden was mostly sidelined due to rain. Questions arose about his credibility among his peers in the IndyCar paddock, but Newgarden maintained a sense of normalcy.

Since IndyCar stripped him of his season-opening victory for illegally using the push-to-pass system, Newgarden has been embroiled in controversy. Team Penske’s installation of a software system that allowed their drivers to gain an unfair advantage led to fines and suspensions within the team.

Despite the scandal looming over him, Newgarden has insisted that everything has felt normal for him. He denied any friction with his fellow competitors, although rival driver Graham Rahal suggested otherwise.

Former Penske driver Helio Castroneves expressed his support for Newgarden, believing that the use of the push-to-pass button was a mistake rather than a deliberate act of cheating.

However, Newgarden’s performance has suffered in the aftermath of the scandal, with subpar results in recent races. The absence of team members due to suspensions has also impacted his race strategy.


1. What led to the scandal involving Josef Newgarden and Team Penske?

The scandal emerged from the illegal use of the push-to-pass system during restarts, which resulted in penalties and suspensions for Team Penske.

2. How has Josef Newgarden responded to the controversy?

Newgarden has maintained a sense of normalcy and denied any disruption in his relationships with other drivers.


Despite the challenges posed by the recent scandal, Josef Newgarden remains focused on his goal of defending his Indianapolis 500 victory. The support from some within the paddock and his own determination may help him navigate through this turbulent period in his racing career.

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