June 25, 2024
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New and Updated Ford Mavericks Spotted Uncovered on the Streets

Spies detected two Ford Maverick pickups nearly undisguised in public, showcasing a sleek appearance that has not been seen on a production truck before, along with a new set of stylish wheels. While the significant exterior redesign and the presence of the trucks in plain sight may suggest that this is not the final look of the updated Maverick, the quality of the visible exterior components leaves room for the possibility that these are factory parts. The ultimate fate of these modifications on showroom models remains uncertain.

This is not the first sighting of an updated Ford Maverick in the wild, but it is the first instance where extensive camouflage is notably absent. Nearly every body panel on this truck, except perhaps the bedsides, seems to be either new or altered, especially evident in the front end when compared to the existing Tremor model. Additionally, the new set of non-utilitarian wheels hints at the potential for more engaging features in the pipeline.

2023 Ford Maverick Tremor

Performance-tuned versions of the Maverick have also been seen undergoing testing at Ford’s test facilities. A prototype from 2022 featuring integrated dual exhaust outlets has not been spotted since, casting doubt on its fate. Perhaps it was an abandoned concept or a different vehicle disguised as the Maverick.

The Maverick faced challenges during its launch and production due to the Covid pandemic. What enhancements Ford has planned for the baby pickup’s update are still unknown, but there seems to be potential for a diverse range of features. Keep an eye out for updates.


Q: Are these leaked images of the updated Ford Maverick?

A: These images show the Ford Maverick pickups in public, but it is unclear if these represent the final design.


The Ford Maverick appears to be undergoing significant updates, with a more sporty look and potential performance enhancements. The final production model remains a mystery, but excitement is building for what Ford has in store for this compact pickup truck.

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