June 22, 2024

Mitsubishi to Launch Overland Delica Model in the U.S.

Photo: Mitsubishi

If there’s one thing American overland enthusiasts adore, it’s the Mitsubishi Delica. You can keep all of your Sprinters, and the NV’s are just outlandish — the Delica holds a special place in our hearts. However, with registrations of imported JDM vans facing challenges from local governments, Mitsubishi has finally come up with a solution: Introducing an overland Delica to the United States.

We have had Mitsubishi’s coolest van in the U.S. before, many years ago. Now, it appears that Nissan is planning to offer us a fully equipped off-road version, just as the overland market is becoming more saturated. Automotive News interviewed Mitsubishi representatives, who confirmed the van’s impending return:

The passenger van is expected to arrive by the end of the decade, according to a dealer who preferred not to be named when sharing information from an internal meeting.

This van, one of two outdoor-oriented models planned for this decade, is based on the D:X Concept, a futuristic six-seater plug-in hybrid model unveiled at last year’s Japan Mobility Show.

Mitsubishi describes the concept as combining the spacious cabin of a multipurpose vehicle, the handling of an SUV, and the performance of a PHEV.

The D:X concept, revealed at the Japan Mobility Show last October, is impressive even without the Delica branding. Nissan refers to it as an “electrified crossover MPV,” but it differs from typical crossovers on the road. Mitsubishi claims it is a fusion of “Maximum Space and Safety for Humans” and “Maximum Off-Roader.” This makes it a perfect candidate for the vanlife lifestyle straight from the factory.

While we may have to wait until around 2030 to get our hands on the new Delica, we can expect to see more production-ready concepts in the coming years. While transparent body panels may not make it to production, those iconic fender flares better be included.


Q: When will the overland Delica be available in the U.S.?

A: The overland Delica is expected to arrive by the end of this decade.

Q: What are the key features of the D:X Concept?

A: The D:X Concept boasts a spacious cabin, SUV-like handling, and the performance of a PHEV.

Q: What sets the overland Delica apart from other vans?

A: The overland Delica combines maximum space and safety with off-road capabilities, making it a unique choice for outdoor enthusiasts.


The introduction of an overland Delica to the U.S. market marks an exciting development for enthusiasts of outdoor adventures. With its blend of functionality and off-road prowess, this vehicle is poised to become a favorite among overland enthusiasts. While the wait for its release may be long, the promise of a rugged and capable van is sure to keep fans eagerly anticipating its arrival.

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