June 22, 2024

McLaren Unveils Senna-Inspired Livery for Monaco Grand Prix, Featured on Both F1 and Road Car

McLaren is set to make a splash in Monaco with a brand new one-off race livery designed to honor the memory of the legendary Ayrton Senna, who passed away 30 years ago. The yellow, green, and blue color scheme pays tribute to Brazil, and not only is the Formula 1 car sporting this unique look, but McLaren has also created a special livery for a Senna road car.

Senna achieved great success with McLaren, securing three drivers’ championships and four constructors’ championships during his time with the team. The livery on the car is inspired by Senna’s iconic racing helmet. Monaco was chosen as the location to pay homage to Senna due to his incredible track record at the challenging street circuit, where he claimed victory six times, including five consecutive wins. Both Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri will don custom driver suits to complement the car, giving McLaren a fresh appearance as they aim to challenge Red Bull and Max Verstappen during the race weekend.

Alongside the race car, McLaren has unveiled a special Senna road car known as the “Senna Sempre livery.” Developed in collaboration with the Ayrton Senna Institute, this car was originally part of the pre-production Senna lineup used in the initial launch campaign and global media drive, but has now been transformed for this occasion. The McLaren Special Operations team meticulously painted almost every visible surface of the car to mirror the livery of the F1 car, while also adding a unique yellow interior upholstery.

Although the Senna Sempre is not available for purchase, as it is a pre-production vehicle retained in McLaren’s collection, it will be on display at the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend for enthusiasts to admire in person.


Q: Can the Senna Sempre be purchased?

A: No, the Senna Sempre is a pre-production vehicle and will not be available for sale.


The tribute livery designed by McLaren to honor Ayrton Senna is a beautiful reminder of the racing legend’s legacy. With both the F1 car and the Senna Sempre road car turning heads at Monaco, it’s clear that Senna’s spirit lives on in the world of motorsport.

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