June 25, 2024
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McLaren Introduces New Line of Electric ‘Hyper Bikes’

Utilizing its renowned reputation in the realm of high-performance supercars and Formula 1 racing, McLaren Automotive is introducing an enticing lineup of electric mountain bikes, referred to as “hyper bikes,” comprising four distinct models.

Leading the pack are the McLaren Extreme 600 and Sport 600 variants, lauded as some of the most potent street-legal electric bikes on the market, capable of delivering up to 852W of peak power. Additionally, the range includes two lower-powered options, with prices ranging from $11,950 for the Extreme 600 to $7,950 for the entry-level Sport 250.

McLaren asserts that these bikes are not rebranded versions from other manufacturers but are meticulously designed by the same expert teams responsible for crafting supercars like the electrified lightweight McLaren Artura hybrid supercar. Featuring attributes such as carbon fiber construction and five distinct power settings – Off, Eco, Trail, Sport, and Race – these bikes promise a thrilling ride experience on Pirelli tires, akin to McLaren’s high-performance vehicles.

The flagship full-suspension Extreme model boasts a 29-inch front wheel, 27.5-inch rear wheel, 145mm of rear travel, and 160mm of fork travel, while the Sport model offers a 29-inch hardtail design.

Enhancing the biking experience, the bikes’ one-piece “cockpits” house a digital display reminiscent of those found in McLaren automobiles, showcasing telemetry data such as speed, battery life, and range on a vibrant integrated LCD panel mounted on the handlebars.

To acquire these exclusive bikes, interested individuals can place orders solely through McLaren’s website, as the company plans to release limited quantities.


Q: Are McLaren’s electric mountain bikes available for purchase globally?

A: Yes, McLaren’s bikes can be ordered through their website for global delivery.


McLaren’s foray into the realm of electric mountain bikes showcases their dedication to pushing boundaries in the world of high-performance vehicles and now, hyper bikes. With cutting-edge design elements, powerful performance capabilities, and a limited availability, these bikes are set to make a mark in the biking industry.

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