June 19, 2024
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McLaren Automotive CEO confirms plans for an SUV in the works

Road & Track interviewed McLaren Automotive CEO Michael Leiters to discuss the company’s future plans. Leiters, who took over in late 2022, has been addressing organizational issues and financial challenges to steer McLaren back to success. While the company still produces great cars, there is room for improvement in their lineup.

One of the strategies Leiters mentioned is the development of a lightweight EV supercar, a first in the industry. This new supercar aims to weigh around 3,300 pounds, distinguishing itself from competitors like the Lamborghini Revuelto and Rimac Nevera. Additionally, McLaren is working on an SUV or a vehicle with shared performance capabilities, potentially through a partnership with another automaker.

Despite the softening market, Leiters believes that an EV supercar could still be a viable option. He also discussed the possibility of the next Ultimate Series car not needing all-wheel-drive, even if it surpasses the power of the P1.


Q: What are McLaren’s upcoming projects?

A: McLaren is working on a lightweight EV supercar and potentially an SUV or a vehicle with shared performance capabilities.

Q: How is McLaren planning to improve its lineup?

A: The company aims to focus on innovation, such as developing a lightweight EV supercar and exploring new partnerships for shared projects.


McLaren Automotive, under the leadership of CEO Michael Leiters, is taking strategic steps to enhance its product offerings and regain its position at the top of the automotive industry. The development of a lightweight EV supercar and potential collaborations for shared performance vehicles demonstrate McLaren’s commitment to innovation and growth.

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