June 16, 2024

Lobster-Themed Monster Truck Causes Chaos at Rally, Pulls Down Power Lines in Shocking Finale

A colossal vehicle caused a power line to collapse during a stunt at a display in Maine last weekend. The lobster-themed truck named Crushstation toppled multiple utility poles and brought down a transformer near a spectator area, according to the AP reports. Two individuals were hospitalized, but the situation could have been much worse with live wires on the ground, even endangering occupied porta potties.

Multiple spectators injured after a monster truck collides with a utility line at Topsham Fairgrounds

The event took place at the Topsham Fairgrounds on a track temporarily converted from a horse racing course. In the footage of the incident, Crushstation leaped over a dirt ramp and hit a power line hanging over the track. The driver of the monster truck, Gregory Winchenbach, found himself trapped inside with a live wire draped over the vehicle. A 73-year-old man was discovered lying on the ground, injured with a wire on top of him. It was later revealed at Maine Medical Center that he had suffered a fractured vertebra, according to WMTW reports.

Photo: Topsham Police Department

Following an inquiry, the Topsham Police Department has decided not to press any criminal charges in connection to the event. Winchenbach informed the authorities that he had successfully cleared the jump multiple times before without hitting the power line. He explained that he was unable to spot the line from his position in the cockpit. A safety officer had activated the remote engine shutdown by the time Crushstation landed. Renegade Monster Truck had all the necessary permits and insurance coverage to operate in Topsham.


Q: Were there any fatalities from the incident?

A: Two individuals were hospitalized, but fortunately, there were no fatalities reported.

Q: Was the monster truck driver charged with any offenses?

A: The police decided not to file any criminal charges against the driver after their investigation.


The incident involving the monster truck causing a power line to come down at the Topsham Fairgrounds was a frightening reminder of the potential dangers of such stunts. While injuries were sustained, the outcome could have been far more tragic. It serves as a lesson in the importance of safety measures and thorough risk assessment in extreme sports events.

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