June 19, 2024

Lewis Hamilton Opens Up About Near-Drowning Experience While Surfing and Discusses Personal Boundaries on ‘Hot Ones’

Image: First We Feast on YouTube

Formula 1 journalists never inquire from Lewis Hamilton about urinating in the car. That’s the fun of watching the 39-year-old guest on the extremely popular online program “Hot Ones.” It’s up to host Sean Evans to encourage Lewis to open up a bit. The show is ingenious in its style, using hot wings to create a casual moment between the guest and the host and break down their barriers. This is particularly evident in Lewis Hamilton‘s appearance on the show. His usual reserved demeanor and quiet responses are replaced with a cheerful and chatty Lewis. It’s a fantastic interview, and you should definitely give it a watch.

Lewis Hamilton Takes on Spicy Wings Challenge | Hot Ones

During F1 race weekends, journalists ask mundane questions about tires and competitive advantages. The drivers are compelled to provide standard, unexciting responses. Personally, I would love to see Ted Kravitz ask Lewis about his surfing experience with Kelly Slater. It would make F1 television broadcasts much more interesting. Wouldn’t it be more engaging to hear Lewis talk about adopting Roscoe, his bulldog companion, rather than asking if he is disappointed with an 8th place finish or something similar?

The veteran Mercedes driver is moving on to join the Maranello horse team next season, so 2024 seems like a transitional year for the 39-year-old. He has matured greatly and become a respected figure in the sport. This is what makes this interview so special. He no longer needs to keep everything to himself, and he can relax a bit.

“It’s painful to breathe,” says the most successful F1 driver in history, just before going for a second round of the famously spicy “Da Bomb Beyond Insanity” sauce. You have to admire him for taking on the challenge and completing the spicy wing ordeal without any issues. Perhaps his ability to handle spicy food so well is due to his Granadian background. I have never seen another Brit handle anything spicier than peri peri sauce.

Spend twenty delightful minutes with Hamilton. You might even walk away from the interview having gained some knowledge.


  • Can Lewis Hamilton handle spicy food well? – Yes, his near immunity to spicy hot sauce is impressive.
  • What makes the interview with Lewis Hamilton special? – It allows him to relax and share more about himself.
  • Will Lewis Hamilton be joining a new team next season? – Yes, he will be joining the Maranello horse team.


In conclusion, the interview with Lewis Hamilton on “Hot Ones” showcases a different side of the F1 champion, revealing his personality in a more relaxed and open setting. It’s a must-watch for fans and enthusiasts alike to see Lewis Hamilton in a new light.

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