June 22, 2024

Kyle Larson, NASCAR sensation, tries his hand at milking a cow during his Indy 500 debut

INDIANAPOLIS — Kyle Larson has been vocal about embracing the full Indianapolis 500 experience as he gears up to compete in “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” on Memorial Day weekend.

Unexpectedly, he found himself under a cow on Tuesday.

Despite being one of the most accomplished drivers of his generation, Larson is still a rookie at the Indy 500. A unique tradition for rookies at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway involves attempting to milk a cow the day after their qualifying runs and practice sessions.

Curious about the custom, Larson asked, “Is that a thing?” and inquired about wearing gloves for the task.

Standing next to a Holstein cow on a sunny Tuesday, Larson, a city boy from California, tentatively tried his hand at milking. Although a bit amateurish, he managed to get some milk flowing.

Looking ahead to race day on Sunday, Larson hopes to celebrate with a traditional milk dousing in victory lane.

With his tight schedule that includes racing in Charlotte later that same day, Larson faces immense pressure leading up to the races.

Should Larson win, the logistics of his double-duty racing day will be put to the test.

Amidst the excitement, there’s also the looming possibility of rain on race day, adding another layer of complexity to Larson’s already challenging day.

As Larson adjusts to new experiences, from driving an Indy car to milking a cow, he remains focused and determined to make the most of his Indy 500 debut.


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Q: What is the tradition for rookies at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

A: Rookies are invited to try their hand at milking a cow the day after their qualifying runs and practice sessions.

Q: What type of milk did Kyle Larson choose in case he wins the race?

A: Larson selected whole milk for the victory lane celebration.


Kyle Larson’s journey to the Indianapolis 500 has been filled with new experiences and challenges, from navigating an Indy car to milking a cow at the speedway. As he prepares for race day, Larson remains focused on making the most of his debut in “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.”

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