June 16, 2024

Keeping Your Motorhome Safe Throughout the Summer and Beyond

Staycations are back on the agenda with more individuals opting for a UK campervan or motorhome holiday.

Data from the National Caravan Council indicates a 70% annual increase in registrations of new motorhomes and campervans, with industry experts predicting this trend will continue. 

The demand for rental motorhomes and campervans has surpassed supply in recent years, a trend likely to continue this summer as more first-timers choose to embark on a motorhome holiday. 

The second-hand motorhome market is also thriving, but with the rise in sales and rentals, there has been a corresponding increase in thefts of and from motorhomes. According to the latest available figures from the Home Office, thefts have risen by 50% in the last five years.

It is now more crucial than ever to ensure your holiday home on wheels is secure and safe, whether on the road, parked at home, in storage, or at a campsite. 

The team at Adrian Flux provides valuable tips on how to safeguard your motorhome for the summer and beyond. 


Q: How can I protect my motorhome from theft during my holiday?

A: Invest in good security measures such as alarms, immobilisers, CCTV, tracking devices, and visible deterrence like clutch claws and steering locks.

Q: What is keyless motorhome theft and how can it be prevented?

A: Keyless motorhome theft, also known as a “relay attack,” can be prevented by storing your keys in metal containers or signal-blocking wallets to prevent signal interception by thieves.

Q: Where is the best place to store my motorhome?

A: Consider storing your motorhome at a CaSSOA site for higher levels of security and a potential discount on insurance premiums.


Whether you are planning a short break or an extended motorhome holiday, protecting your vehicle is essential for a stress-free experience. Invest in quality security measures, check your locks, and store your motorhome in secure locations to minimize the risk of theft. Additionally, ensure your motorhome is adequately insured to provide peace of mind during your travels.

For competitive motorhome insurance quotes tailored to your needs, contact Adrian Flux today at 01553 400399. Our experts can help you find the best coverage options and discounts for your motorhome.

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