June 19, 2024
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Jeep Considering Cutting Number of Trims Available

The electric Jeep Wagoneer S will be available in a single configuration known as Launch Edition upon its arrival in showrooms. While introducing new models with only one trim level is not uncommon, the Stellantis-owned brand is committed to streamlining its lineup.

“We are a mass-market brand that focuses on selling in volume, much wider than brands like Maserati. Continuously reducing complexity is a key aspect of our operations, and we could benefit from doing more of it,” explained Bill Peffer, Jeep’s senior vice president, in an interview with The Drive.

This approach is evident in the 2024 Wrangler lineup, which offers just two models: the Wrangler and the Wrangler 4xe, each with various trim levels and body styles. Similarly, the Grand Cherokee presents nine trim levels for buyers to choose from, excluding the plug-in hybrid 4xe variants.

Paring down the range of models not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes the likelihood of errors during production, as noted by Peffer. This strategy is also behind Jeep’s recent decision to reposition the Wagoneer as a nameplate rather than a sub-brand, aligning it with iconic models like the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee.


Q: Why is Jeep simplifying its model range?

A: Jeep believes that offering fewer models and trim levels leads to increased efficiency and reduces the chances of errors during production.


By minimizing the number of models and trims offered, Jeep aims to optimize its production processes and enhance the overall customer experience. This strategic shift aligns with the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality vehicles to a broader market.

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