June 22, 2024

Is the New Automotive Show ‘Tires’ Actually Going to Be Good?

Screenshot: Netflix

We’re not completely sure why, but automotive TV programs usually aren’t very impressive. Even if you disregard all the different Yelling Goatee Man Garage reality series, you’re usually better off seeking a decent program that also includes some cool cars, like Breaking Bad, rather than tuning in to a show that’s more focused on cars. Remember the initial season of American Auto? There’s a solid reason it got axed after two seasons. That might change soon, though, with the debut of Tires on Netflix.

As depicted in the trailer below, the series revolves around a character named Shane, portrayed by comedian and short-lived Saturday Night Live cast member Shane Gillis, who works for his cousin Will, played by Steve Gerben, managing his late father’s chain of auto repair shops. Amidst struggling times, can Will save his failing business from doom, or will Shane be the one to cause its downfall?

The storyline may not be the most thrilling, but it holds promise. The crucial factors will be the quality of writing and acting. Fortunately, Stavros Halkias is also part of the cast, instilling confidence that the show will deliver genuine humor. Moreover, the trailer presents the show in a positive light, hinting at its potential quality. Only by watching the six episodes released today can we truly ascertain its success, but Netflix’s early renewal for a second season hints at a promising future. In contrast, American Auto looked unimpressive from the trailer alone.

At the very least, it’s worth giving the trailer a viewing, and if you have a Netflix subscription, watching a couple of episodes is a must. Perhaps once the morning rush subsides, Rory will allow me to catch an episode or two to provide a verdict on its quality. (Alright FINE –RC)

TIRES Trailer (2024) Shane Gillis, Comedy

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