June 19, 2024

Is it possible to insure a car without a license?

On initial consideration, the idea of owning a car that requires insurance may appear peculiar if you do not possess a license. However, regardless of the reason for your current inability to drive, it is important to ensure that any car you own is adequately protected.

In this article, we explore the reasons why you may not have a license and how you can still insure your vehicle even if you are not the one driving it.

Understanding the UK law for insuring a car without a license

If you have never been issued a driving license before, it is not legally permissible for you to obtain car insurance for a vehicle that you intend to drive.

This is because you would be unable to provide your insurance provider with a driving license number, which is a requirement for purchasing car insurance. Moreover, driving a car without a license is illegal in the UK.

Nevertheless, the concept of car insurance for unlicensed drivers is not entirely straightforward. If you do not plan on driving the vehicle and simply wish to protect it as an asset, you may still have the option to insure it.

Scenarios where you can obtain insurance without a license

While many providers verify your license with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and may reject your insurance application if you lack a valid license, there are exceptions. Some of the main exceptions include:

  • Inability to drive the car due to health reasons
  • Current driving ban or suspended license (insurance for the vehicle only, not for driving)
  • Inherited the car
  • Retaining the car after ceasing to drive
  • Being disabled and driven by someone else

If you are in the process of renewing your license, it is advisable to address important paperwork and insurance-related matters before being without a license, as this process can take two to three weeks.

In the event of a change in circumstances leading to the loss or relinquishment of your license, it is essential to promptly inform your insurance provider.

Can individuals with provisional licenses obtain insurance?

In short, no. Learner driver insurance requires your provisional driving license number for purchase, meaning you must possess a UK provisional license to secure appropriate insurance.

There may be a minor exception for certain insurance companies offering policies starting at 16 years and 11 months, allowing you to insure the car parked on your driveway before your 17th birthday.

To explore this possibility, it is recommended to inquire with your specific provider.


How does not having a license impact insurance costs?

Insurance providers typically determine rates based on your driving record from the past three to five years. If you have not been driving during this period, you will not have an established driving record, potentially categorizing you as a higher risk and leading to increased insurance costs.

Furthermore, not having a license due to a previous conviction could also result in higher insurance premiums.

There are various reasons for having a ‘coverage gap’ or lacking a license, so it is advisable to be transparent about this with potential insurers.

Insurers base their premiums on anticipated risk factors, and the cost of insurance will be influenced by the reasons for not holding a license, allowing the insurance company to adjust the premium accordingly.

Fortunately, with a specialized insurance broker like Adrian Flux, insuring your vehicle without a license can be a budget-friendly endeavor.


Insuring your vehicle with Adrian Flux

Adrian Flux is a specialist car insurance broker that can customize your insurance to suit your specific needs, taking into account all factors contributing to your lack of a driving license.

We acknowledge the importance of insuring your vehicle, regardless of your licensing status, and strive to secure a competitive deal that aligns with your individual circumstances.

The most favorable insurance offers are typically available via phone, so feel free to call 0800 369 8590 for a quick and convenient quote or schedule a callback at your convenience.


Can I insure a car without a driving license?

Yes, under certain circumstances such as health reasons, inherited cars, or not driving the vehicle, you may be able to insure a car without a driving license.

Will not having a license affect insurance costs?

Not having a license may result in higher insurance premiums as it can be considered a higher risk factor by insurance providers.


Despite not having a driving license, it is still possible to insure your vehicle for various reasons. By understanding the exceptions and working with a specialized insurance provider like Adrian Flux, you can protect your car as an asset even if you are not the one driving it.

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