June 16, 2024

Insurance Broker: Definition and Responsibilities

If you’re having trouble obtaining insurance coverage or if your premiums have unexpectedly increased, it may be due to your unique circumstances or being considered a “high risk” individual. This could make it challenging to find affordable insurance through traditional channels, and in some cases, you may even be denied coverage altogether, putting your job or personal life at risk.

This is where an insurance broker can provide valuable assistance.

How can an insurance broker help?

Insurance brokers work on a personalized basis, taking into account your specific situation rather than giving a generic “no” or charging you excessively for your policy. They are committed to safeguarding your interests and strive to secure coverage that is tailored to your requirements at a budget that suits you.

Essentially, working with a broker is akin to selecting a car based on your family size, lifestyle preferences, and specific features rather than solely focusing on the price.

Moreover, all of this can be conveniently done over the phone, allowing you to ask questions about the policy details and communicate your priorities to the broker. This enables you to make an informed decision based on your needs, ensuring that you receive a policy customized to your individual circumstances.

Even in seemingly standard situations, seeking a quote from an insurance broker can prove beneficial. For example, a young VW Golf GTI Mk6 owner seeking insurance for their vehicle may encounter challenges with traditional insurance companies due to their age and choice of sporty model.

However, an insurance broker may perceive the situation differently. They might recognize that the young driver’s investment in the car indicates responsible ownership, reducing the risk of claims and making them less of a liability compared to other drivers.

This unique perspective allows brokers to negotiate favorable terms with underwriters, securing a policy tailored to the individual’s needs and budget that might have been previously denied.

An insurance broker may not be necessary for everyone. For straightforward situations, specialized coverage may not be required. However, in complex cases, a broker can make a significant difference.

If you believe that consulting with a broker would be beneficial, we’re here to assist. Reach out to one of our experienced insurance brokers at 0800 369 8590 or request a callback to discuss your specific circumstances.


Q: Are insurance brokers only for high-risk individuals?

A: No, insurance brokers can assist individuals with various insurance needs, not just those considered high risk. They offer personalized service tailored to each client’s circumstances.

Q: How do insurance brokers differ from traditional insurance providers?

A: Insurance brokers work independently to find the best coverage options for their clients from a variety of insurers, whereas traditional providers offer their own policies.


Insurance brokers play a crucial role in finding tailored insurance solutions for individuals facing unique circumstances or challenges. Their personalized approach and industry expertise can help individuals secure coverage that fits their needs and budget, even in cases where traditional insurers may have declined coverage. If you’re struggling to find affordable insurance or have been denied coverage, contacting an insurance broker could make a significant difference in protecting your assets and financial well-being.

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