June 22, 2024

If you’ve spotted a Cybertruck in person, you’re already losing at Cyberstruck

Photo: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg

What’s superior to a collective game? One that doesn’t require sticks or balls or zambonis to play, but is fully distributed — happening everywhere, always, for everyone, like that moment Pokemon Go ushered in exactly two weeks of what felt like world peace before the game broke. Now there’s a new collective game in town, and this one’s got an automotive twist: All you have to do is not spot a Tesla Cybertruck.

Bluesky user Charles Louis Richter created the game, named Cyberstruck, around a simple idea: If you see a Cybertruck, you’re out. Only trucks that are actually out in the world count, however — no display models, dealerships, or car carriers.

everyone is the world is playing CYBERSTRUCK, the fun new mandatory game in which you are eliminated when you see your first cybertruck in the wild  rules are similar to whamageddon, but with no end date:  • the cybertruck must be real, in the wild • as soon as you notice the cybertruck, you are out / a common question that deserves a rules clarification:   a cybertruck on a car carrier is in captivity; it is not in the wild. you may see one without being CYBERSTRUCK   see one that is driving, parked, wrecked, being actively demoed? you're out of the game, sorry/congrats

I, somehow, have not yet lost Cyberstruck . The solitary Cybertruck I encountered in person was at the Gowanus Tesla store, and I only caught a glimpse as I rode past on my bike. Some other New York-based Jalops have succumbed to Cyberstruck by now, but here in Brooklyn we appear to be luckily free of the stainless steel eyesores. Well, at least in my part of Brooklyn. I’m sure Williamsburg is filled with them.

If you happen to spot a Cybertruck out there on the roads, unfortunately, you have been eliminated from Cyberstruck. If not, well, it’s probably only a matter of time until your turn comes. Eventually, the Cybertruck catches up with all of us.

### FAQ Section:
#### Q: How is the winner determined in Cyberstruck?
A: The winner is the player who manages to avoid spotting a Tesla Cybertruck in the wild for the longest period.

#### Q: Are there any exceptions to what counts as a Cybertruck sighting?
A: Yes, only actual Cybertrucks that are out in the world count. Display models, dealerships, or trucks on car carriers do not count.

### Conclusion:
In conclusion, Cyberstruck is a challenging and engaging game that adds a fun twist to everyday life. With the rise of electric vehicles like the Tesla Cybertruck, the game is a creative way to stay entertained and observant while out on the roads. Stay vigilant, as the Cybertruck could be just around the corner!

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