June 22, 2024
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Hidden Treasure: 1987 Ford Mustang LX Hatchback

With the debut of the new Fox-platform Mustang in 1979, the Mustang II was replaced, ushering in a new era of Mustang performance. Mustangs featuring increasingly powerful V8s and turbocharged four-cylinders hit the streets, garnering praise from enthusiasts and dominating drag strips. However, it’s important to remember that the Mustang also maintained its roots as a sporty yet economical commuter car during the Fox era. This meant that many were sold with efficient base engines and affordable price tags. Here we have one such car, discovered recently in a North Carolina self-service junkyard.

In 1987, the Mustang was offered as a notchback two-door sedan, convertible, and three-door hatchback. Throughout the 1979-1993 Fox era, with over 2.5 million Mustangs sold, the hatchback consistently outsold the notchback (except for 1979 and 1980).

The 1987 Mustang LX came with a 2.3-liter “Pinto” four-cylinder engine, producing 90 horsepower and 130 pound-feet of torque.

For those looking for more power, the 1987 Mustang GT featured a 5.0-liter V8 with 225 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque. Enthusiasts could opt for the LX notchback and equip it with the V8 and related components for an additional cost.

The LX hatchback had a slightly higher starting price compared to the trunk-equipped ’87 Mustang. However, this specific car featured additional options that significantly increased its total cost.

Additional options included a four-speed automatic transmission with overdrive and air conditioning, which further added to the car’s overall price.

This particular car was also equipped with cast aluminum wheels, typically included with the V8 engine package. These wheels appeared to have been added post-purchase.

The center caps for the wheels were found inside the car.

For a 37-year-old vehicle, this car remains in relatively good condition compared to other Fox Mustangs often found in junkyards. While it would be easy and affordable to upgrade this car with a Windsor V8 and manual transmission, it seems that this car was destined for the crusher. Personally, I believe a hot-rodded Fox LTD or Cougar would be a more exciting project.

In 1987, the Fox Mustang underwent a significant facelift, ditching the old sealed-beam headlights for a grille resembling those on Tauruses and Thunderbirds. The Fox Mustang’s production ended in 1993, though some may consider the Fox-derived 1994-2004 SN95 Mustangs to be part of the Fox lineage.


  • What engine options were available for the 1987 Mustang LX? – The 1987 Mustang LX came with a 2.3-liter “Pinto” four-cylinder engine as the base option.
  • How much did the optional V8 engine package cost for the LX notchback? – The V8 engine package added $1,885 to the car’s sticker price.
  • What were some of the additional options available for the 1987 Mustang LX hatchback? – Optional features included a four-speed automatic transmission with overdrive and air conditioning.


Ford’s 1987 Mustang LX may not have received as much attention as the GT model, but it offered a balance of performance and affordability. This particular example found in a North Carolina junkyard showcases the practical side of the Fox-era Mustangs, with its economical four-cylinder engine and optional upgrades. While many may overlook the base models, they play an essential role in the Mustang’s history and evolution over the years.

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