June 19, 2024
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Gazoo Racing CEO suggests considering the possibility of creating sporty SUVs

If your aim is to increase vehicle sales and everyone is purchasing SUVs, but you don’t offer an SUV in your lineup, it’s time to consider adding one. Toyota’s high-performance brand Gazoo Racing is now contemplating the idea of introducing a family-friendly SUV. Up until now, the GR brand has mainly focused on cars such as the GR86, GR Corolla, GR Supra, and GR Yaris. GR chief Tomoya Takahashi mentioned in an interview with Drive that SUVs might be necessary to expand the GR brand. While Takahashi seems hesitant about the idea, he acknowledged the potential need for a GR SUV in the future.

In some international markets, Gazoo Racing has already introduced the GR Sport line on certain Toyota trucks and SUVs like the Hilux, RAV4, and C-HR. For example, the RAV4 GR Sport features cosmetic enhancements such as tweaks to the front design, unique colors, subtle branding, and special 19-inch GR Sport wheels.

It’s possible for this approach to succeed in the U.S. if Toyota remains committed. Takahashi mentioned the challenges of managing limited resources and the importance of maintaining focus. While it may be a tough market, targeting trucks first could be a strategic move for GR. Introducing a limited-edition GR Tacoma, either as a street performance truck or an off-road racer inspired by the legendary Ivan “Ironman” Stewart, could be a good starting point.

Looking ahead, Gazoo Racing is rumored to be working on a GRMN Supra powered by an engine from BMW’s M division, expected to launch next year.


  • Will Toyota be expanding the GR brand to include SUVs?
  • What enhancements can be expected from the GR Sport line?
  • What future models are rumored to be in development at Gazoo Racing?


With the growing demand for SUVs, it’s no surprise that Toyota’s Gazoo Racing is considering expanding its lineup to include family-friendly SUVs. While challenges may lie ahead, the potential for success in the U.S. market is promising. By strategically introducing performance variants of their popular trucks and SUVs, Gazoo Racing can continue to build on its reputation for high-performance vehicles.

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