June 19, 2024
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Ford F-150 Lightning outsells Tesla Cybertruck in monthly sales competition

The Ford F-150 Lightning (top left), Rivian R1T (top right), and Tesla Cybertruck (bottom).Getty
  • Ford’s F-150 Lightning was the most popular EV pickup in March, per S&P Global Mobility data.
  • Over 1,100 new Cybertrucks were registered in the month, according to the data.
  • Tesla began deliveries of the Cybertruck in November.

Tesla’s Cybertruck was the second-best-selling electric pickup truck in March, according to one key sales indicator.

During the month of March, the Cybertruck had 1,158 new registrations, while the Lightning had 2,893. Rivian’s R1T, on the other hand, had only 548 new vehicle registrations.

Spokespeople for Tesla, Ford, and Rivian did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Tesla began deliveries of the Cybertruck to its first dozen owners on November 30. Ford’s electric pickup hit the market in 2022 and Rivian’s in 2021.

Tesla has yet to disclose how many Cybertruck’s its delivered. But, there was one clue earlier this year when the company recalled around 3,878 Cybertrucks produced between November 13 and April 4, which was basically all of the models Tesla had produced during that period.

Ahead of the Cybertruck’s delivery event, it had as many as 2 million reservations, according to one online tally, and the vehicle quickly became one of the hottest status symbols for celebrities.

Some reservation-holders told Business Insider after the vehicle’s debut in 2023 — when the truck was presented over budget and with a lower range than initially advertised — that they were reconsidering the purchase.

Meanwhile, Ford and Tesla alike have been dealing with an industry-wide EV sales slowdown. In April, Tesla posted its first year-over-year quarterly decline since 2020. And in March, Ford announced plans to slim down its workforce at the factory that builds the F-150 Lightning.

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In conclusion, the Ford F-150 Lightning, Tesla Cybertruck, and Rivian R1T are leading contenders in the electric pickup truck market. Despite some challenges faced by Ford and Tesla in the EV industry, the popularity of these vehicles continues to grow among consumers.

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