June 16, 2024

First time in six months, US inflation decreases, providing relief for Federal Reserve

An indicator of fundamental US inflation eased in April for the first time in half a year, a positive development for Federal Reserve policymakers aiming to implement interest rate cuts in the near future. The core consumer price index, which does not take into account food and energy expenses, rose by 0.3% compared to March, halting a […]


1. What is the core consumer price index?
The core consumer price index is a measure of inflation that excludes food and energy costs to provide a more accurate representation of underlying price trends.

2. Why is the Federal Reserve interested in cutting interest rates?
The Federal Reserve may consider cutting interest rates to stimulate economic growth, boost spending, and control inflation.


The slight decrease in the core consumer price index in April is a positive sign for the Federal Reserve’s efforts to potentially lower interest rates. This development could have implications for the broader economy and financial markets.

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