June 16, 2024
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Fiat Anticipates Demand for New Hybrid 500e Small Car to Reach 100,000-110,000 Units Annually

Fiat’s new hybrid 500e small car has a market demand of approximately 100,000-110,000 units per year, according to a group executive. The company is introducing a more affordable version of its fully-electric model.

Stellantis, the maker of Fiat, recently announced the addition of hybrid versions of its 500e small electric car and Jeep Compass SUV, both to be produced in Italy. This move comes amidst a global slowdown in electric car sales.

The “mild” hybrid 500e will feature a combination of a petrol engine and a battery, without the need for a plug.

Gaetano Thorel, the head of Fiat brand for Europe, mentioned during a media roundtable that the market demand for the hybrid 500e is estimated at 100,000-110,000 units annually. In comparison, the fully electric version sold less than 80,000 units last year.

“Many customers are interested in owning a 500e but find it unaffordable. With the introduction of the hybrid version, we are providing them with an opportunity to own one,” Thorel remarked.

The hybrid 500e will share the same platform as the 500e EV, while the older version of the 500, including petrol-powered and hybrid variants produced in Poland, is being phased out.

The starting price of the 500e EV is around 29,000 euros ($31,600), excluding government incentives, and it is also being launched in the United States.

Francois Olivier, Fiat brand CEO, indicated that the hybrid 500e will be priced slightly higher than the Polish-produced model, which starts at approximately 18,000 euros. This is due to the inclusion of additional technological features.

Production of the hybrid 500e is scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2026 at the Mirafiori complex in Turin, Italy, the home of Fiat.

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What is the market demand for Fiat’s new hybrid 500e small car?

Approximately 100,000-110,000 units per year.

When will production of the hybrid 500e begin?

Production is expected to start in the first quarter of 2026.


Fiat’s introduction of a more affordable hybrid version of the 500e small car aims to cater to a wider customer base. With market demand estimated at over 100,000 units annually, the company is making strategic moves to adapt to the evolving landscape of the electric vehicle market.

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