June 22, 2024

Exploring Sony’s Secrets in GT7 with the Sony Honda Afeela Virtual First Drive

It’s been over a year since Sony and Honda introduced their collaborative electric vehicle project, the Afeela. While details about the car’s technical specifications have been limited, the focus has been on its interior and potential for infotainment. Recently, the Afeela was included in the “Gran Turismo 7” game, offering a glimpse into the sedan’s performance and driving dynamics.

Driving the virtual Afeela in the game provides some insights into its handling and capabilities, although it should be noted that this experience is not a substitute for a real-world test drive. Despite the limitations of a video game simulation, certain aspects of the car’s performance can still be observed.

While specific details like horsepower and torque remain undisclosed, some performance metrics are available. The weight balance of the Afeela is noted at 53% front and 47% rear, with an estimated quarter-mile time of 12.65 seconds. In the game’s vehicle rating system, the Afeela is assigned a performance points score of 546.75, positioning it between two Tesla models.

Sony Honda Afeela

Taking the Afeela for a virtual test drive at the Nürburgring reveals its characteristics as a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive vehicle. The car exhibits a stable and controlled driving behavior, with a slight bias towards understeer. Its performance on the track, including a top speed of 145 mph, provides a glimpse into its potential performance compared to the Tesla models in the game.

While these insights are based on a virtual experience and may not fully reflect the real-world performance of the Afeela, they offer a unique perspective on the car’s capabilities. As we await its real-world debut, the virtual simulation provides an intriguing preview of what to expect from this collaborative electric sedan.


Q: Can the performance of the virtual Afeela in “Gran Turismo 7” accurately represent its real-world capabilities?

A: While the game provides some insights into the car’s handling and performance, it is important to note that a virtual simulation may not fully capture the real-world driving experience.

Q: What sets the Afeela apart from other electric vehicles in the game?

A: The Afeela’s weight balance, quarter-mile time, and performance points score distinguish it within the game’s virtual lineup of electric cars.


Exploring the virtual representation of the Sony Honda Afeela in “Gran Turismo 7” offers a unique perspective on the car’s performance and characteristics. While the experience is limited to a simulation, it provides an exciting glimpse into what the real-world Afeela may offer in terms of driving dynamics and capabilities.

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