June 19, 2024

Exciting Fun Bikes, Thirsty Hovercrafts, and Troublesome Airplanes in This Week’s Beyond Cars Recap

The Honda Grom is perhaps the most enjoyable experience one can have on two wheels. The folks at Team Red have successfully rekindled interest in small-displacement motorcycles among Americans. Following three generations of success, the Grom is receiving a fresh look for 2025. This pint-sized powerhouse is back for another round of tearing through your city streets…


What are the key features of the new Honda Grom 2025?

The new Honda Grom 2025 boasts updated styling, improved performance, and advanced technology features.

Is the Honda Grom suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Honda Grom is a popular choice for beginners due to its manageable size and easy handling.

How does the Honda Grom compare to other small-displacement motorcycles?

The Honda Grom stands out for its playful nature, nimble handling, and stylish design compared to other small-displacement motorcycles.


The Honda Grom continues to impress riders with its fun-loving personality and practicality. With the 2025 update, the Grom solidifies its position as a top choice for urban commuters and weekend joyriders alike.

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