June 16, 2024

Energy Park secures £35m investment from Zouk to enhance EV charging infrastructure

Energy Park, a company specializing in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for apartment buildings, has secured a £35m investment from Zouk Capital.  

The funding will be used to support the company’s expansion and contribute to the UK’s transition to EVs, with a focus on residential areas with communal parking. 

Energy Park’s goal is to facilitate the UK’s EV adoption by increasing the availability of convenient charging points in apartment buildings.  

The investment from Zouk Capital, managing the Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF), aims to bridge the existing gap in EV infrastructure within residential communal car parks.  

With approximately 100,000 apartment buildings in the UK, Energy Park’s initiative could make EV ownership more accessible to a wider audience. 

Residents of apartment buildings often have limited access to charging points and face high public charging rates.  

Energy Park seeks to revolutionize this situation by offering cost-effective and dependable charging solutions, along with dedicated customer support.  

This approach not only benefits residents but also supports residential landlords, including housing associations and property management companies, by removing financial and operational barriers to installing EV infrastructure. 

Besides residential buildings, Energy Park plans to extend its services to other residential destinations like holiday parks and hotels, providing tailored EV charging solutions.  

This expansion aligns with the UK’s goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. 

Zouk Capital, overseeing the £420m CIIF, was established by the UK Government in 2019.  

Last month, Auto Trader reported that the UK’s Zero Emission Vehicle mandate has positively impacted the market, with discounts now available on three-quarters of new EV models.

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