June 19, 2024

Consumer Reports Updates List of Most Fuel-Efficient Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

Photo: Hyundai

When you’re looking for a brand-new vehicle, cost and usefulness are crucial, but fuel efficiency is also a significant factor. The Environmental Protection Agency supplies fuel efficiency ratings for nearly every currently available vehicle, but how does that translate in real-life situations? Our associates at Consumer Reports conduct independent tests on new vehicles to determine their real-world fuel efficiency and have recently released a guide highlighting the cars that excel in this specific test.

The results are categorized, and the top performers were evaluated relative to their specific category. For instance, achieving 25 mpg might be commendable for a truck but not for a midsize car. We have included only the top five vehicles in each category, even if Consumer Reports’ list contains more entries. Let’s delve into the vehicles that made the cut.

[Update: Since this list showcases Consumer Reports’ real-world tested fuel efficiency, any vehicles that have not been subjected to their tests are not included.]

FAQ Section

1. How accurate are the fuel efficiency ratings provided by the Environmental Protection Agency?

2. Why is real-world fuel efficiency different from EPA ratings?


In conclusion, real-world fuel efficiency can vary significantly from EPA ratings, highlighting the importance of independent testing. The top performers in Consumer Reports’ tests showcase the vehicles that excel in real-world fuel efficiency.

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