June 22, 2024

Chevy’s Bold Bet on EVs While Others Withdraw

Chevy is undeniably very behind schedule when it comes to entering the electric vehicle market. Vehicles that should have been released earlier, such as the Silverado EV and Equinox EV, are only just now starting to appear at dealerships, and the launch of the Blazer EV has been far from smooth. This puts Chevy significantly behind other car manufacturers like Ford, Hyundai, and Kia in terms of electrification. However, Chevy doesn’t appear to be concerned at all.

Essentially, Chevy’s current strategy revolves around the idea that with the slowdown in EV sales growth, they now have the perfect opportunity to dominate the market by consistently introducing new electric vehicles while other companies shift focus to hybrids, as per Business Insider. It’s a bold move, although its success hinges on actual demand. While Chevy (and GM) may have stumbled into this situation accidentally, they are commended for their effort to make the best out of it.

Business Insider recently spoke with Steve Majoros, Chevy’s chief marketing officer, who strongly believes that being fashionably late may work to Chevy’s advantage.

“I think it actually benefits Chevrolet,” Majoros comments on the evolving EV market, now catered towards more budget-conscious and practical consumers—Chevy’s target audience. With this in mind, Chevrolet is forging ahead with their EV lineup in hopes of making a significant impact.

This proactive approach aligns with Chevy’s traditional strategy as a mass-market brand. Throughout the years, Chevrolet has offered a diverse range of trucks, SUVs, and crossovers to meet the needs of a broad customer base.

By positioning vehicles in specific segments and price points, Chevrolet, typically ranking as the third-largest brand in the US following Ford and Toyota, can capture market share from competitors and increase its market volume.

Chevy seems to be pursuing a similar tactic with their electric vehicles, although it’s not without risks. According to BI, Chevy is placing its bets on the widespread belief in the automotive industry that once customers have a chance to experience EVs firsthand, half the battle is already won. This is an interesting perspective, especially considering that EVs, at their core, offer numerous benefits over traditional gas-powered vehicles.

According to the conversation with Majoros on Business Insider:

Majoros provides evidence that the flood-the-zone strategy may be yielding results: Dealers and their staff, often the first to interact with these electric vehicles, are among the early adopters of Chevy’s EVs.

“We are engaging with many first-time EV purchasers with the Blazer EV, and a significant number of them are dealership employees,” Majoros revealed. “They have the opportunity to test drive these vehicles and quickly realize, ‘This is actually quite impressive.’”

Even if there is a delay in the surge of EV demand, Majoros mentioned to Business Insider that there is still a considerable inventory of gas-powered Chevy vehicles available at dealerships to offset any sluggish EV sales. Moreover, GM is planning to introduce hybrids of its own to the US market.

Ultimately, the success of Chevy’s strategy of being fashionably late to the game will depend largely on the quality of their EVs. Currently, Chevy has a hit with the Equinox EV while there are others that require some refinement.


Q: Is Chevy falling behind in the electric vehicle market?

A: Yes, Chevy has been slow to release electric vehicles compared to other automakers.

Q: What is Chevy’s strategy to catch up in the EV market?

A: Chevy aims to flood the market with new electric vehicles while competitors focus on hybrids.


Despite being late to the game, Chevy is confident in its approach to electrification. With a focus on introducing a range of EVs targeting practical consumers, Chevy is banking on their late entry to work in their favor. The success of their EV lineup will ultimately depend on customer demand and the quality of their offerings.

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