June 16, 2024

CarNow focuses on enhancing chatbot capabilities and promoting responsible AI implementation

CarNow, a digital retail company, is utilizing artificial intelligence to optimize operations and boost efficiency for dealers. The company, based in Raleigh, N.C., provides digital solutions to assist dealers in enhancing consumer communications. Recently, CarNow partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its network of partners, as announced in a press release on May 21.


Q: How is CarNow using AI to streamline operations?

A: CarNow is leveraging AI technology to enhance efficiency and productivity for dealers by optimizing various aspects of their operations.


CarNow’s partnership with Amazon Web Services and adoption of AI technology signifies its commitment to revolutionizing the digital retail industry. By streamlining operations and improving communication with consumers, CarNow is poised for continued success in the automotive retail sector.

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