June 22, 2024

Carmoola partners with Zuto to provide car finance products on their marketplace

Carmoola, a UK-based fintech specialising in car finance, has teamed up with Zuto to extend the reach of its lending products to potential car buyers.

This partnership involves incorporating Carmoola’s finance solutions into Zuto’s marketplace, providing customers with a wider array of lending options.

Consumers will benefit from access to Carmoola’s quick finance approval, instant tap-or-transfer payment methods, as well as in-app loan management through Zuto’s multi-channel platform.

Customers can now access all these services from Carmoola online, over the phone, or via email, with the added assistance of Zuto’s car-buying experts during their vehicle search.

The integration process between Carmoola and Zuto required extensive system connections to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted customer experience, along with secure data exchange.

Since its inception in March 2022, Carmoola has been specializing in app-based car finance applications, offering fast approvals tailored to individual needs.

With a recent £15.5m ($19.8m) investment, Carmoola is poised to expand its product accessibility even further.

Zuto’s marketplace, now featuring Carmoola among its lenders, offers a platform for swift finance decisions and transparent information on approval status and APRs.

Carmoola CEO and founder Aidan Rushby commented, “Our goal has always been to simplify car finance and empower customers by giving them control. That’s why we chose to collaborate with Zuto, who shares our industry perspective and tech-forward approach, rooted in exceptional customer service standards.”

Zuto lenders director Joanne Robinson added, “Our product and tech teams have diligently worked on an integration that enables data flow between the two systems, maintaining the speed of response we promise our customers.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do customers get from the Carmoola-Zuto partnership?

Customers can access a wider range of lending options, quick finance approval, instant payment methods, and in-app loan management through Zuto’s platform.

How has the integration process between Carmoola and Zuto enhanced customer experience?

The integration involved extensive system connections to ensure a smooth and secure data exchange, providing customers with uninterrupted service.


The partnership between Carmoola and Zuto brings forth a range of benefits for car buyers, offering streamlined finance solutions, quick approvals, and expert guidance. This collaboration signifies a commitment to enhancing the car buying experience through innovation and customer-focused services.

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