June 16, 2024

Can this Clean 1990 VW GTI 16V Turbo be Improved for $18,000?

During the introduction of today’s Nice Price or No Dice GTI, having a 16-valve engine was a rare feature in its class and therefore considered valuable enough to warrant an additional badge. This particular GTI has taken things a step further, with the addition of a turbocharger and a plethora of high-end accessories. Let’s determine the cost one might expect to pay for such a name-dropping vehicle.

Malcolm Forbes once famously remarked, “The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.” He didn’t suggest a similar differentiation between women and girls, proving that wisdom can’t always be purchased. The 2013 Ford F-150 Tonka Edition truck we examined yesterday could be considered a toy, given its playful design. However, with a price tag of $29,995, it demanded a serious commitment, leading to a significant 92 percent loss in interest from our audience.

Reflecting on how far cars have progressed from their earlier models, it’s clear that many features we now take for granted were once considered rare and noteworthy. Modern vehicles no longer require badges to boast about elements like fuel injection or disc brakes, as these are now standard across the board. The 1990 Volkswagen GTI 16V showcased here exemplifies how cars used to proudly display their technological advancements.

The GTI was first introduced in 1975 as a sportier version of VW’s compact family car, hitting the market in 1976. The GTI moniker highlighted the car’s performance capabilities and the fact that it was among the first in its range to feature fuel injection.

Interestingly, this particular MKII GTI boasts a 16-valve head on its 1.8-liter engine, a feature that was considered badge-worthy at the time due to its rarity. This upgrade provided a significant boost in power, with the GTI 16V badging proudly showcasing the increase in performance.

Unlike the standard U.S. models at the time, this GTI is a five-door variant, a configuration that wasn’t officially available in the states until much later. According to the seller, this car was imported from Japan, where the five-door version was offered in left-hand drive. Additionally, the car has been fitted with an intercooled turbocharger for added power, with meticulous documentation of the build process and the inclusion of a Peloquin limited-slip differential to handle the increased output.

The vehicle appears to be in great condition, with the seller indicating it has around 100,000 miles on the odometer. Equipped with high-quality components such as Recaro seats, BBS wheels, and a Momo steering wheel, the GTI exudes a sense of sophistication both inside and out. The clean title, lack of rust (a rarity in the Midwest), and an asking price of $18,000 make this MKII GTI a compelling option for enthusiasts.

What are your thoughts on this unique GTI and its $18,000 price tag? Do you believe it offers good value for a classic VW with such distinctive features, or do you feel the price is too steep for a vehicle of this nature?

Share your feedback and help us decide the fate of this GTI!

Find this listing in Craigslist, or view the ad here before it’s taken down.

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