June 22, 2024

Auto finance fraud losses reach $7.9 billion in 2023

Synthetic identity fraud led to approximately $7.9 billion in fraudulent activity within the auto finance sector in 2023. This type of fraud was driven by concerns about affordability, with scammers utilizing tactics such as misrepresenting income, falsifying employment information, and engaging in credit washing to hide negative credit backgrounds. Despite a slight decrease from 2022, auto lenders still faced significant estimated losses totaling $8.1 billion due to fraud.


What is synthetic identity fraud?

Synthetic identity fraud involves creating a fake identity by combining real and fictitious information to obtain credit or other financial benefits.

How can auto lenders protect themselves from synthetic identity fraud?

Auto lenders can protect themselves by implementing strict verification processes for income, employment, and credit history information. Regularly monitoring for any suspicious activity can also help detect potential instances of fraud.


Synthetic identity fraud remains a significant threat to the auto finance industry, with fraudsters using various tactics to deceive lenders. By staying vigilant and implementing robust fraud prevention measures, lenders can reduce their exposure to financial losses caused by fraudulent activity.

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