June 16, 2024

Access to Tesla Superchargers for Non-Tesla Electric Vehicles Encounters Issues

Image: Mark J. Terrill (AP)

After a few years, the auto industry finally united to reach an agreement on the auto equivalent of the USB: the North American Charging Standard. Essentially, all manufacturers aligned and consented to follow Tesla as the standard since the brand boasts an impressive network of Supercharging stations. While some brands have already embraced the standard, others are experiencing delays as highlighted in a report from PC Mag.

GM, Volvo, and Polestar are listed on Tesla’s Supercharging site as the next automakers to adopt the standard; the site indicates Spring 2024 for their adoption. However, a Polestar representative informed PC Mag that the brand’s adoption timeline has been revised; Polestar intends to transition to NACS this summer.

GM’s schedule also seems uncertain. A spokesperson for the automaker told PC Mag that NACS adapters would be distributed soon but did not provide a specific date.

Sanaz Marbley, director of global strategic technology communications at GM, stated that adapters would be “available to purchase through our GM vehicle brand apps later this year,” suggesting that it may miss a spring 2024 rollout. However, she later clarified that the timeline remains Spring 2024. GM has not set “a specific date” for the adapter distribution, but we are roughly three weeks away from summer officially.

If this timeline holds true, GM EVs should be able to use Tesla Superchargers within the next few weeks. Recent changes and large-scale layoffs in Tesla’s Supercharging team appear to have concerned some automakers. While George Bahadue, senior manager of site acquisition and business development for commercial charging at Tesla, provided PC Mag with a reassurance that “everything is fine,” stating that “there is much work to be done,” GM mentioned monitoring the situation.

This circumstance could escalate at any moment, as it has been reported that Musk desired more layoffs than originally planned. Therefore, if you own a non-Tesla EV, it is advisable to stay informed about this situation. It might be some time before you can access a Supercharger.


What is the North American Charging Standard?

The North American Charging Standard is the automotive industry’s equivalent of the USB, aimed at standardizing charging for electric vehicles in the region.

Which automakers have adopted the North American Charging Standard?

Some automakers like Tesla, GM, Volvo, and Polestar have embraced the North American Charging Standard, while others are still in the process of adoption.

When will GM, Volvo, and Polestar transition to the North American Charging Standard?

According to Tesla’s Supercharging site, GM, Volvo, and Polestar are expected to adopt the standard by Spring 2024, although there may be delays in the timeline.


In conclusion, the automotive industry’s move towards a unified charging standard marks a significant step in the evolution of electric vehicle infrastructure. While challenges and delays may arise during the transition, the ultimate goal of providing seamless charging experiences for all EV owners remains a priority.

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