June 25, 2024

8 tips for towing a caravan without breaking the law

Breaking the law and receiving fines while towing your caravan is the last thing you want on your holiday. Follow these eight tips from Adrian Flux to ensure you stay within the law and avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

1. Understand Your Driving Limits

Check your license to see the size of the caravan or trailer you are allowed to tow. If you passed your test before 1 January 1997, you can drive a vehicle and trailer up to a combined MAM of 8.25 tonnes. If you passed after this date, you have specific restrictions based on the weight of the caravan.

2. Load Your Caravan Safely

Properly load your caravan to avoid accidents. Place heavy items over the axle and secure everything to prevent shifting during travel.

3. Ensure Matching Registration Numbers

Make sure the registration number on your caravan matches that of your towing vehicle to avoid any legal issues.

4. Watch Your Speed

Drive at appropriate speeds when towing a caravan. Speed limits are typically 10 mph lower than driving without a caravan. Always drive at a speed suitable for the conditions.

5. Stay in the Correct Lane

Avoid driving in the right-hand lane of motorways when towing a caravan. This lane is reserved for overtaking vehicles.

6. No Passengers in the Caravan

It is illegal for passengers to ride in the caravan while it is in transit. This is for safety reasons as caravans lack the safety features of vehicles.

7. Check Your Lights

Ensure your lights are connected and working properly before towing your caravan. Double-check everything for safety.

8. Use Extension Mirrors

When towing a caravan, use extension mirrors to have a clear view around and behind the trailer. This is a legal requirement.


Do I need insurance for my caravan? – While it’s not a legal requirement, having insurance for your caravan is highly recommended to protect against damage or theft.


By following these tips and staying within the law while towing your caravan, you can have a safe and enjoyable holiday without the worry of fines or legal issues. For affordable caravan insurance, contact Adrian Flux on 0800 369 8590.

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