June 25, 2024

7 Fun Activities for Your Campervan Holiday – Rain or Shine

Many individuals are opting to vacation in their caravan or motorhome this year. And we can understand why; it provides travelers with a secure place to rest after a busy day of sightseeing. But what happens if it rains and you’re stuck inside all day? In this blog post, we present a list of items to bring on your trip so that regardless of the weather, you’ll have activities to keep you entertained.

Bring a grill

You never know when you’ll have beautiful weather. And when the sun is shining, nothing beats gathering around the grill and enjoying delicious food. There are plenty of compact portable grills you can bring on your holiday – or if you’re staying at a campsite, you might find open areas where you can cook.

Bring your electric bikes or explore local bike rental services

Image source: Jake Colling via Unsplash

Exploring the local area in your motorhome can feel a bit cramped, which is why bringing your electric bikes with you is a great idea. Regular bikes work too, but electric bikes allow you to travel longer distances without getting as tired. Bikes are perfect for exploring wooded or grassy areas where you can’t drive your campervan.

If you don’t own bikes or don’t have space to pack them, there are numerous bicycle rental companies in most UK areas. It’s convenient to research these before your trip, as you may need to register and reserve your bikes in advance.

Bring a deck of cards and new tabletop games

If you enjoy playing games, consider bringing a deck of cards or researching new tabletop games specifically for your trip. This will add a sense of excitement to your vacation.

Bring your art supplies

Paints outside next to tree

Image source: Kai Oberhäuser via Unsplash

Bring your art supplies with you in case inspiration strikes. If you’re surrounded by beautiful nature during your trip, you might want to paint some landscapes or animals you encounter. It’s a fantastic hands-on activity for children if you’re traveling as a family.

Install an awning on your campervan

If your campervan or motorhome doesn’t have an awning, consider attaching one, especially if the weather is unpredictable in your location. Being confined inside your van for long periods isn’t ideal, especially when traveling with others and space is limited. An awning provides protection from the elements and fresh air.

You may need to bring a few additional items to make using this space comfortable, such as:

  • Foldable chairs to save space
  • A collapsible table for drinks or activities
  • A light source, such as a lantern or LED awning lights

Bring books

Person lying in campervan reading

Image source: Jake Stone via Unsplash

Curl up with a good book while the rain is pouring outside. Reading can pass the time, especially with a warm drink and snacks. Turn it into a family activity by bringing along your favorite childhood books and exploring a new setting together.

Bring electronic devices – and don’t forget your chargers!

Sometimes all you want to do after a busy day is relax with a TV show or movie. Bring electronic devices like laptops or tablets for entertainment on those lazy evenings. Just remember to pack your chargers as well!

Exploring the Local Area

If the rain doesn’t discourage you, consider exploring the local area for indoor activities.

Visit local pubs and cafes

Cafe with people sitting down and barista behind the bar

Image source: daan evers via Unsplash

Explore local pubs and cafes to experience the local culture. Try regional food specialties like stargazy pie, Welsh rarebit, scotch eggs, or black pudding.

Engage in outdoor activities

Observing wildlife in the rain is a unique experience. If you enjoy nature and don’t mind a little rain, head to a wooded area to explore the local flora and fauna. The trees provide shelter from the rain. Alternatively, if you’re near the coast, consider exploring caves as a rainy day activity. Be mindful of tide times when planning your cave exploration.

Discover local rainy day activities

Find out about rainy day activities in the local area. Museums, resorts, aquariums, and zoos are great places to visit when the weather is less than ideal.


Q: What should I do if it rains during my camping trip?

A: Bring along indoor activities such as games, art supplies, books, and electronic devices to keep yourself entertained.

Q: How can I make the most of a rainy day on vacation?

A: Explore local indoor attractions, visit cafes and pubs, or engage in outdoor activities that are suitable for rainy weather.


Regardless of the weather, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained during your caravan or motorhome holiday. By packing the right items and exploring local attractions, you can make the most of your vacation, rain or shine.

Make sure you’re covered with motorhome insurance

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