June 16, 2024
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2025 Cadillac XT4 eliminates base trim, includes additional standard features

An early order guide for the 2025 Cadillac XT4 reveals a familiar change for the luxury brand’s entry-level crossover: The base Luxury trim in front-wheel-drive has been eliminated from the lineup. The 2024 XT4’s base price is $39,090 after the $1,195 destination charge. The next trim, the Premium Luxury FWD, starts at $42,690, marking a $3,600 difference. Typically, new base models see a price increase of at least the difference between the previous base and next trim levels, if not more. Despite an increase in the starting price for the 2025 XT4 compared to 2024, the difference is smaller than expected.

Cars Direct has reported on the pricing for the upcoming crossover, detailing the new MSRPs and their variances from 2024:

  • Premium Luxury: $41,990 ($700 lower)
  • Sport: $42,790 ($400 lower)

Cadillac has chosen to reduce the price of the 2025 XT4 Premium Luxury instead of maintaining the $3,600 difference between the 2024 Luxury and Premium Luxury trims. As a result, the actual variance in entry-level pricing is $2,900. Surprisingly, Cadillac appears to have kept the destination charge consistent at $1,195, while most other Cadillac models charge $1,395 for destination, including the CT4 sedan. It remains to be seen if the XT4’s destination charge will increase in the future.

Despite adding more features to the lineup, Cadillac has managed to lower the MSRPs for the 2025 XT4. The Active Safety Package, which was previously a $1,825 option, is now included as standard equipment. This package incorporates features such as adaptive cruise control, enhanced lane-keep assist, speed limit assist, surround-view cameras, and reverse automatic braking.

In 2024, Cadillac increased the price by $1,600 with a facelift that enhanced the XT4’s interior and introduced a 33-inch touchscreen. Given these improvements, the pricing adjustments for 2025 seem to be a positive change for the crossover. The base Luxury trim in 2024 lacked the option to add the Active Safety Package, the $1,650 Technology Package, or the $850 Comfort and Convenience Package, making it a less compelling choice for buyers.

The final 2024 XT4s are expected to finish production by the end of May, with production of the 2025 XT4 scheduled to commence next week.


Q: Will the 2025 XT4 offer more features than the 2024 model?
A: Yes, Cadillac has added more features to the 2025 XT4, including the Active Safety Package as standard equipment.


Despite a slight increase in the starting price, the 2025 Cadillac XT4 offers a more well-equipped entry-level trim compared to its 2024 counterpart. The inclusion of the Active Safety Package as standard and the adjustment in pricing for the Premium Luxury trim make the 2025 XT4 a more appealing option for luxury crossover buyers.

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