July 21, 2024

WRC Star’s Spectacular Crash Ends Home Rally

The 2024 Rally Estonia may not have been part of the FIA World Rally Championship schedule this year, but Estonia’s top talent made an appearance over the weekend. Ott Tänak participated in the national class alongside the 2019 World Rally Champion and was the clear favorite to win. However, his rally came to an abrupt end with a dramatic crash during the second stage. Fortunately, Tänak and his co-driver Martin Järveoja emerged from the wreckage unscathed.

An onlooker captured the moment when Tänak’s Hyundai i20 N Rally1 car collided with the stage. Tänak misjudged a crest, causing the Hyundai to land on its side and slide before rolling over. The car shed body panels with each impact on the ground, and a wheel came loose as the WRC vehicle tumbled and eventually came to a stop in a ditch. Tänak later reassured fans on social media that he and Järveoja were unharmed.

Despite the unfortunate end to his rally, Tänak had dominated the first stage by a three-second margin as the sole driver with a WRC-spec Rally1 car. His Hyundai i20 N is equipped with a hybrid turbocharged 1.6-liter inline-four engine producing 514 horsepower, a significant advantage over the 300-hp Rally2 cars driven by his rivals. The Estonian driver viewed the event as a crucial test ahead of upcoming WRC gravel rounds in Finland and Latvia, where he currently holds third place in the standings.

The future of the WRC appears uncertain. The championship is facing challenges in attracting manufacturer support due to a format that struggles to engage live TV audiences. Additionally, many top rally drivers only participate part-time due to burnout or retirement considerations. Despite these obstacles, the dynamic nature of rallying on public roads continues to deliver some of the most thrilling moments in motorsport. We are grateful that everyone involved in this incident emerged unscathed.

Ott Tänak big crash 2024 Rally Estonia


Q: What caused Ott Tänak’s crash at the 2024 Rally Estonia?
A: Ott Tänak misjudged a crest, resulting in his Hyundai i20 N Rally1 car landing on its side and rolling over during the second stage of the rally.
Q: Was Ott Tänak injured in the crash?
A: Both Ott Tänak and his co-driver Martin Järveoja escaped the crash unharmed.
Q: How did Ott Tänak’s performance compare to his competitors at Rally Estonia?
A: Tänak dominated the first stage with his WRC-spec Rally1 car, showcasing his significant advantage in horsepower over other drivers.


Despite the unexpected end to Ott Tänak’s rally at the 2024 Rally Estonia, the incident serves as a reminder of the excitement and risks involved in the sport of rallying. Tänak’s resilience and the safety measures in place ensured that both driver and co-driver emerged unscathed from the dramatic crash. As the WRC faces challenges in attracting manufacturer support, the thrill of rallying on public roads continues to captivate audiences with its unpredictable and thrilling moments.

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