July 21, 2024

Which Small Cars Should Capture America’s Heart?

Photo: Ford

During the Aspen Ideas Festival last weekend, Ford CEO Jim Farley mentioned the societal necessity for consumers to rekindle their love for smaller vehicles. Interestingly, Ford has removed nearly all cars from its lineup, with the Mustang being the only remaining car that could be considered small.

Which compact cars should the American market embrace? Farley has revealed that Ford is working on a small $30,000 electric vehicle expected to hit the market within the next three years. However, it might be worth exploring other options beyond Ford, as there are several smaller vehicles currently available, recently discontinued, or exclusive to overseas markets.

A red Toyota Prius Prime

Photo: Toyota

In a hypothetical scenario, a budget-friendly, compact Ford may face competition from the long-anticipated Tesla Model 2. Despite reports claiming otherwise, Elon Musk has denied abandoning the project, citing a shift towards robotaxi technology and pressure from Chinese competitors.

The future of smaller cars doesn’t necessarily have to be all-electric. Toyota’s GR Corolla and hybrid Prius Prime have garnered significant attention. Should automakers consider resurrecting discontinued models? It would be interesting to see classics like the Ford Escort or Focus make a comeback. Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.


What is Ford’s approach to smaller cars?

Ford is developing a compact $30,000 electric vehicle to cater to the market’s demand for smaller cars.

Which other automakers offer small vehicles?

Toyota has popular models like the GR Corolla and Prius Prime in the compact car segment.


The automotive industry is witnessing a shift towards smaller vehicles, with Ford and other automakers exploring options to meet consumer preferences. Whether it’s electric models or reviving classic nameplates, the future of compact cars looks promising.

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