July 14, 2024

What I Learned at the F1 Canadian Grand Prix in 2024: 7 Key Takeaways

I recently came back from a delightful trip to Quebec to attend the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Notre Dame Island. This experience led me to compare it with my previous Formula 1 event at the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix. The differences between the two races were evident, much like the cities that hosted them. While the winner remained the same, the journey to the finish line was vastly different. Here are seven insights I gleaned from the Canadian Grand Prix, along with some thoughts on the future of this historic event.

The racing action was phenomenal

At its core, Formula 1 is all about the thrill of the race and the drama on the track. The 2024 Canadian Grand Prix delivered on all fronts. With unpredictable weather conditions adding an extra layer of excitement, the 70-lap race featured numerous lead changes, strategic pit stops, and intense battles between drivers. Max Verstappen emerged victorious for the third consecutive year, highlighting the competitive nature of the event.

Challenging weather conditions added to the excitement

The unpredictable weather in Montreal, including heavy rain and hailstorms, posed challenges for teams and drivers. However, it also created opportunities for strategic maneuvers and bold decisions. Despite the adverse conditions, Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen’s team managed to navigate the challenges and secure a well-deserved victory.

Positive reception from the locals

Montreal, as a host city, demonstrated its readiness for the annual Grand Prix event. Unlike the Las Vegas Grand Prix, which was in its inaugural year, the Canadian Grand Prix felt well-established and efficiently organized. The city’s residents showed hospitality towards race attendees, offering a variety of events tailored to the incoming fans.

Recognizing the history and achievements

Some interesting facts about the Canadian Grand Prix:

  • Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton share the record for most wins in Montreal with 7 victories each.
  • Nelson Piquet and Max Verstappen follow closely with 3 wins apiece.
  • Ferrari leads the constructors’ standings with 14 wins, followed by McLaren, Williams, and Red Bull.
  • Ford, despite not being a current powerhouse, boasts 12 victories as an engine supplier, close behind Ferrari.
  • The “Wall of Champions” has seen legendary drivers like Schumacher, Hill, Vettel, and Villeneuve crash during races.

Challenges facing the event

While the track layout and overall ambiance of the event received praise, there were noticeable shortcomings. Limited space on Notre Dame Island led to parking issues and congestion, impacting the overall fan experience. Additionally, traffic delays on the bridge connecting the island added to the logistical challenges.

Addressing safety concerns

The 2024 Canadian Grand Prix experienced significant safety concerns, including spectator incursions onto the track before the race had concluded. This irresponsible behavior endangered both fans and drivers, prompting the FIA to issue a stern warning to event organizers. A formal remediation plan is now required to ensure the safety of future races.

A staple of the racing calendar

Since its inception in 1961, the Canadian Grand Prix has been a fixture in Formula 1, with Circuit Gilles Villeneuve serving as its home since 1978. The event’s enduring popularity, record attendance, and contractual agreement with F1 through 2031 showcase its significance in the racing world.

Potential schedule changes

Rumors abound regarding a possible reshuffling of the F1 calendar to streamline travel logistics for teams. Aligning the Canadian Grand Prix with other North American races, such as the Miami Grand Prix, could mitigate costs and environmental impact. Watch this space for updates on potential schedule adjustments.


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The 2024 Canadian Grand Prix highlighted the excitement and challenges of Formula 1 racing. While the event faced some operational and safety issues, its rich history and enduring popularity underscore its significance in the racing world. As discussions continue about potential schedule changes, fans eagerly anticipate the future of this iconic race.

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