July 21, 2024

Westlake introduces complimentary trial of DealerCenter amidst cyberattacks

Westlake Financial Services is providing dealers with a complimentary trial of DealerCenter, a dealer management system, in response to the recent cyberattacks targeting CDK Global. These attacks have disrupted funding processes for dealers, making it difficult to conduct business as usual.

DealerCenter offers dealers the ability to submit credit applications and receive lender decisions through RouteOne and Dealertrack, as stated on the DealerCenter website.


Q: What is DealerCenter?

A: DealerCenter is a dealer management system that allows dealers to manage their operations efficiently.


With DealerCenter’s free trial, dealers can continue their operations smoothly despite the cyberattacks on CDK Global. This solution provides a reliable platform for credit applications and lender decisions, ensuring business continuity for dealers.

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