July 21, 2024

Weekend Recap: Top Stories from June 15, 2024

We long for the Honda Fit. Truly, we do. It was a budget-friendly subcompact, certainly, yet it exceeded expectations in every way, rendering its competitors obsolete. While there were more affordable options available, they failed to match the Fit’s charm, practicality, and sophistication. And…

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  • Q: Is there any chance Honda will bring back the Fit in the future?

    A: Unfortunately, Honda has discontinued the Fit in many markets, but there is always a possibility that they may introduce a new version in the future.

  • Q: What made the Honda Fit stand out from its competitors?

    A: The Honda Fit was known for its superior level of charm, practicality, and refinement compared to other subcompacts in its class.


The Honda Fit may be gone, but its legacy of excellence in the subcompact category lives on. Its unique blend of affordability and quality set it apart from the competition, making it a beloved choice for many drivers. Farewell to the Fit, a truly exceptional vehicle.

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