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Fascination with Astrology

Stargazing is the exploration of planetary movements and relative positions of celestial bodies perceived as having an impact on human affairs and the physical world, however, not everyone subscribes to its effectiveness. The horoscope divides the year into 12 distinct segments, each lasting approximately four weeks, and each named after a star constellation. As per Time Magazine, it is theorized that the Ancient Greeks deemed the commencement of spring to coincide with the sun’s entry into the Aries constellation, subsequently designating all other zodiac signs at 30-degree intervals from that point onward. An individual’s astrological chart is determined by the time, date, and place of birth, with only the birth date influencing their zodiac sign. – Logan Carter Learn More

FAQs on Astrology:

  • 1. What is astrology?
  • 2. How does astrology impact human life?
  • 3. Is there scientific evidence supporting astrology?


While astrology may spark curiosity and provide entertainment for some, its scientific validity remains a topic of debate. Whether you believe in the influence of cosmic bodies on earthly events or not, exploring the rich history and cultural significance of astrology can be a fascinating journey.

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