July 21, 2024

Weekend Car Culture Recap: June 29, 2024

Photo: Lawrence Hodge/Jalopnik

Event Recap:

WagonFest SoCal 2024 was absolutely stunning. Stepping out onto the top floor of the Petersen Museum’s parking garage and being met with a sea of unique wagons parked side by side was truly a sight to behold. Representing Volvo, one of the few remaining wagon manufacturers in the U.S., I had the pleasure of spending four hours exploring, chatting with owners, and admiring each and every wagon on display. Every moment of the experience was thoroughly enjoyable. – Lawrence Hodge Read More


Q: How many wagons were at WagonFest SoCal 2024?
A: There were a total of 50 wagons at the event.

Q: Will WagonFest SoCal 2024 be held again next year?
A: Yes, the event is scheduled to take place annually.


Overall, WagonFest SoCal 2024 was a remarkable gathering of wagon enthusiasts and a testament to the enduring popularity of these unique vehicles. The event provided a fantastic opportunity to appreciate the diversity and creativity of wagon owners, as well as to celebrate the legacy of wagons in automotive history. I look forward to attending future WagonFest events and continuing to be a part of this vibrant community. – Lawrence Hodge Read More

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