July 14, 2024

Volvo EX90 to Launch with Certain Features Missing, OTA Updates to Follow

It turns out there is an asterisk to the news about Volvo starting production of the EX90 at its South Carolina facility this month. The automaker has notified customers awaiting delivery that certain features may be missing on some units, and posted a notice on its customer help site detailing the 10 features that could be affected. Four of these features are related to safety and ADAS systems, including one connected to the lidar system – a key feature of the EX90. Volvo has stated that an update will be provided to enhance the car’s abilities, especially in low light conditions, and emergency steering will be available as needed to prevent collisions.

Additional items that may be missing include features related to battery and charging. One notable issue is a potential battery drain while the vehicle is parked, with Volvo stating that the EX90 could lose around 3% of battery charge in the first three days of being parked without charging. This is due to the core computing system needing to remain active to support the car’s advanced functions when not in use. After 72 hours, the EX90 will enter a deep sleep mode to preserve battery power.

Other features like Smart charging, Plug & Charge, and bi-directional charging may also be unavailable initially, requiring owners to use additional portable battery banks. Apple CarPlay and a light theme for the driver cluster and infotainment system are also among the missing features at launch, with only a dark theme available on the digital displays upon delivery.

While EX90 deliveries are not scheduled to begin until later this year, the list of over-the-air updates may change before then.


  • Will the missing features be added later through software updates?
  • What steps can EX90 buyers take if they encounter any issues with the missing features?


While Volvo’s announcement regarding the production of the EX90 is exciting, it is important for customers to be aware of the potential missing features at launch. The automaker’s commitment to providing updates to enhance the car’s capabilities shows a dedication to customer satisfaction. As deliveries of the EX90 approach, we can expect more information on the availability of these features and any further updates that may be made.

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